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Can Individuals Benefit from the Stimulus This Year 2013?

The sad reality is that, no, there is little help left in the stimulus plan under President Barack Obama, to help individual people. Much of the money that was allocated to this program has yet to be spent, but the bill that was presented that would have extended payments to individuals for 2011 and for 2012 never passed.

Some money remains in the stimulus budget for grant money that is to be disbursed to agencies, not individuals. Nonetheless, there are two different programs that fall under the stimulus plan that are mean to help individuals, although there are strict requirements in order to qualify: the Durum Wheat Quality Program and the Biomass Crop Assistance Program, both of which  are for farmers only. Some grants also remain for the Emergency Assistance for Livestock, Livestock Forage Disaster Program and the Livestock Indemnity Program.

The stimulus program was funded with 8 billion dollars that was raised by selling U.S. bonds. For every person in the U.S., which is more than 313 million people, the government went into debt $25. There have been rumors about a check for $250 that was going to be sent out to Social Security recipients in 2012, although there is nothing on the horizon to indicate that anything about this stimulus, just like the stimulus check 2011 that never surfaced, is anything but a rumor.

However, with the election in the fall of 2012, it is altogether possible that a new president and new representatives coming into office next year might retroactively issue a stimulus. That will depend on whether or not Mitt Romney beats President Obama and whether or not he feels that a stimulus would be beneficial. Since he is a republican, the chances are good that he is not for a stimulus or for any type of program that would increase the public debt.

Romney: Would He Approve of a Stimulus Check?

Those who were planning on a stimulus check 2011 did not see that check in their mailboxes. And it is unlikely that they will see a check in 2012 either. However, if presidential candidate Mitt Romney wins the November 2012 election and becomes our new president, is it possible that he will approve of a stimulus check being sent out to pump up the economy?

No. He would not. In fact, Romney says that the previous stimulus did not work. While speaking on the program State of the Union (CNN), Romney urged the Fed to avoid new stimulus to boost the economy, despite its continued sluggishness. The Federal Reserve had announced that it might consider new measures to boost the economy in the very near future. Thus, if you are looking for a stimulus check, you won’t get it – or at least it is not likely that you will get it – from a sitting republican president.

When the 2009 stimulus was being debated, Romney was one of its loudest opponents. While some see the stimulus as Obama bringing the economy back from what could have turned into another Great Depression, others see it as the result of a wasteful spendthrift.

No matter what he said then, if Romney were president in 2009, critics say that he would have backed a stimulus. With an economy in freefall, any president would have pushed for the same, according to experts. Of course Romney admitted that a stimulus to keep the middle class afloat was needed, but he didn’t approve of the other ‘47%’ being awarded free money that they didn’t have to repay.

What would have happened without a stimulus in 2009? Should we have gotten another round of stimulus checks 2011? Only time will tell.

Stimulus Money for Individuals in 2012

Although a large percentage of the funds allocated for the stimulus program remains unspent, the closest we came to any individual relief came – and went – in 2010, when congress was considering a bill to extend individual payments in 2011 and 2012. It never came to fruition.

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